Just a page to answer your questions!

Q:  I'm confused, what do you do on Bloggia?
A:  Well, You write articles, give me and other reporters ieas for articles, read our online blog newspaper, and Become the ultimate reporter!

Q: How much does all this cost?
A: Nothing.  Bloggia is a free site made for fun!

Q:Is it safe?
A: Although technically people can post whatever they want to on the comments, if I see anything bad I can delete the comment.  Bloggia is hopefully going to be a very safe a friendly communtity!

Q: What is the point?
A:To let young writers have fun and express themselves on the web!

Q: What is Press Pass?
A: Press Pass is a feature that allows somebody to become an officail Bloggia reporter

Q: Do I have to be a mamber of Press Pass to contribute to the Bloggia Times?
A: No, you can submit stuff no matter what.  It's just that if you are a Press pass member, you have a greater chance of getting your article published.

Q: I'm an artist.  Can I draw comics for the newspaper?
A:Sure!  Bloggia is all about creativity, so sumbit your art!  Let your imagination run wild!

I Hope that now your questions are anwered, you will join our community!