I just finished making the digital press passes!  Here's mine as an example!  I will add your name and chosen colors in there when you sign up.  Instructions:  1. Copy and paste your press pass onto a program where you can print things. Print 2. cut hole at top.  3. String thread through and tie.  wear around neck.

Our new feature press pass lets you be a Bloggia reporter!  If you write an article for us when you are a member, you will automaticly be approved!  Also, you can get your very own press pass, and I'll customize the colors!  Join us today!  My Reporter name is Lola Longale.  (Sorry for the cheesiness.)  Become an Online reporter! It's free!

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    You can sign up to Bloggia!  Just post a comment with your journalist name and become a Bloggia reporter!


    April 2010



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